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immense discovery for humanity

Clean Ocean Fiber Tech

scientific study 

Clean Ocean fiber technology is happy to share the first scientific study analyze on preventing  loosening fibers from garment fabric of the LoopCell and BioCell family yarns.

LoopCell test:

38% cotton + 10% viscose + 50% polyester + 2 % elastane.

Results and Evidencing by the test: -Small presence of cellulosic fibers and just  4 polyester fibers pieces. (4 polyester fibers pieces, is under investigation on suspicion of sample contamination from cutting samples) 

This scientific data from Clean Ocean Fiber Technology is an immense discovery for humanity for a better closed loop and a new way for economical sustaniable clothes for every one in the planet. 

Ocean fiber safe

The prestigious Senai Setiqt laboratory in Rio de Janeiro

https://senaicetiqt.com/innovation  ) - Brazil is conducting more further depth tests with standards from the Leeds University laboratory.

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Image by Jay Mantri


The Ocean is the key for our planet survive. Every product must be ocean safe
Maximum prevention of every single product, fiber, piece and chemical to not goes to the oceans.

The life cicle of any raw material must be the Fundamental knowledge in textile sustainability. Understand the Durability of friction of the raw material and chemical built in the garment for better environment and ocean protection.

The Friction is what determines the life cycle of each garment and environment protection.

The life cycle is Fundamental is a deep knowledge

  • Life cycle of Raw material

  • Life cycle of raw material in all the process machine chain in textile industry

  • Life cicle of chemical built in or on the fiber

The Problem:

All garments, without exception release natural, artificial, synthetic fibers and chemicals at random by friction!

These fibers contain synthetic and or natural chemical materials on or in the fibers. That chemical can be easily diluted in the waters of the oceans helping their acidification too.

The true vision:

How many fiber and chemical your garment release?

What is the life cicle of each raw material is in or on the garment? 

So are not just fibers! Is the chemical too.

Does not matter is natural or synthetics chemicals. It matters how quantity fibers and chemical gets in the oceans and environment.


Everyone must know deeply the qualities and properties of each fiber and how is the fiber, fabric, manufacturing and chemicals input are made and how is the impact.

Understand durability and life time material proprieties in the garment.

Every raw Material has a life time.

Those are the fundamental that everyone must rules your buys and sells.

Clean Ocean Fiber Technology 

is the only startup in the planet talking about a concrete solution for this problem. 

For a Better Sustainable Closed Loop

We can offer to you THE FUNDAMENTAL

Biocell® Family yarns is not only derived 100 percent from nature, but they are also returned to nature at the end of their life cycle. Standard Clean Ocean Technology fibers are demonstrably  Biocell® Family yarns 100 percent biodegradable in soil and some even marine and compostable.  

Loopcell® Family yarns is not only derived 100 percent from recycled bottles or fishing net. They are also returned to infineite chemical recycled at the end of their life cycle or a best second hand  store.

Standard Clean Ocean Technology fibers are demonstrably Loopcell® Family yarns are infinite recycled and a long live cicle preserving the nature. 

The Loopcell® Family yarns is the solution for a better product for all economic pockets.

Final worlds:

We create a disruptive new Textile market for fast and creativity sustainable products.

Visionary people make the new business market, not technology and companies.

Companies are just the path and technologies are tools.

We are search for theses Visionary people to grow up and scale together the new textile business Market.

"In Good We Trust"

  Good bless  Earth

  Fernando Marin